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Painting for Fun and Therapy!

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Painting is so relaxing!  I love to just get lost in the process as it is wonderful therapy for me…. These paintings are my latest I hope that you enjoy them!


Painting Birthday Party

Meet some very special Artist!

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Painting Party

Painting Party

Painting Parties!

This was a painting party where we painted canvases, but wouldn’t it be fun to have your guest to bring  in something used, whatever they would choose to paint.  This would be a great way to repurpose and  I believe would be an great time!

Love to Repurpose Items

100_0834018Chalkboard made out of MirrorThere is nothing like being able to reuse something that would have been thrown away!  I love to turn Junk into something Fabulous and make it useful, from these old antique windows to a recycled mirror, always love to see what I can do with discarded treasures!

Repurposed Tees!

Old Tees made into little flowers

Getting out of my comfort zone, making little flowers out of tee shirt material, but not until I painted them of course!  I’ve been seeing these everywhere and they can be used on just about any accessory.