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Art Show and Book Signing Event 2015!

Art Show and Book Signing Event 2015!

Art Show and Book Signing Event 2015!

I was so glad to do a local Art Show and Book Signing Event this past Saturday!  Had a wonderful time and met some very sweet people!  It has been awhile since I’ve posted, but this is some of what I’ve been up to!


Never want to grow up!

This of course is not my photo, but someone posted it on my facebook timeline and It suited me!

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Love to Repurpose Items

100_0834018Chalkboard made out of MirrorThere is nothing like being able to reuse something that would have been thrown away!  I love to turn Junk into something Fabulous and make it useful, from these old antique windows to a recycled mirror, always love to see what I can do with discarded treasures!

Fun Paintings for my friend’s children!

Beach FunBasketball Painting Paintings that I have painted for a friend’s children!  I will present them tomorrow, sure hope that they will like them…..